Arizona storm chaser publishes incredible video highlighting the desert monsoon season

    Two likely positive bolts explode out of this storms that was located south of Sunsites, Arizona...complete with some extra shear and goodies to make the entire day a bit more fun. (Photo: Mike Olbinski Photography)

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (KOMO) -- One of my favorite storm chasers is at it again.

    Mike Olbinski, who focuses most of his chases on capturing the beauty of the Arizona thunderstorms during the summer monsoon season, has released his annual video compilation.

    "Monsoon V" features "a pretty dang good show in 2018, starting off with a decent dust storm on July 5th, then the best haboob chase I've ever had on July 9th, an epic green hail core on July 11th and finally another fantastic dust storm day on August 2nd," Olbinski wrote on his Vimeo page. "Sprinkled in there...more dust storm, some at night, spectacular lightning, and tons of microbursts and stormy clouds, plus a few rotating supercells to put some icing on the cake. It was one of the best monsoon seasons I've chased..."

    This year's treks totaled 15,000 miles zig-zagging across Arizona over 32 days.

    "I love doing these films so much. So much hard work for months on end goes into capturing them," he said. "Sleep deprivation, tons of gas money, crappy food and yes, sometimes missing storms I wish I had been on... But the highs were amazing."

    This year his three kids came along on some of the chases.

    "Chasing with my kiddos...sharing the July 9th haboob bonanza with Lyla and Eli...or an all-night chase with my youngest, Asher. They were so awesome to have along."


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