98 degrees?!? Wettest, cloudiest town in Lower 48 just trounced Seattle for heat

A sunny and hot day at Forks that reached 98 degrees on Aug. 2, 2017 (Photo courtesy:

SEATTLE -- If you thought heading to the coast was a good idea to escape the heat Wednesday… oops!

It turns out, sticking around the Seattle would have been a little cooler --or a lot cooler, depending on where you look.

The town of Forks, nestled along the North Coast -- just put the Puget Sound region to shame in recording some lofty temperatures Wednesday afternoon, getting to a scorching 98 degrees!

It was the second-hottest day on record there, according to the National Weather Service.

Yes, Forks -- not only the cloudiest spot on the Lower 48 United States at about 239 overcast days a year, but the wettest too at about 100 inches a year.

But it was hotter than Seattle (91), Tacoma (89), Shelton (95), Renton (90) and Everett (83). In fact, much of the coast was hotter than their inland counterparts as Hoquiam hit 89 and Astoria (Oregon) hit 93. Even Port Angeles out-sweltered Seattle at 92.

Forks -- or more specifically, Quillayute where the weather station sits -- is in a unique geographic situation situated just southwest of the Olympic Mountains. Thus in north or northeasterly wind patterns, the town will get additional warming from downslope winds. Same goes to a lesser extent along the central and southern Coast where the Olympics provide a little warming.

Meanwhile, Seattle and the I-5 corridor had more of a north wind than a northeast or east wind, surrendering the warming power of the Cascades, plus a thick smoky haze also limited sunshine.

Seattle is expected to warm more on Thursday -- it should enough to top Forks as they are forecast to drop back to the mid 80s.

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