53 inches of snow -- in 2 days?!? Erie obliterates Pennsylvania 2-day snowfall record

Record 2-day snowfall covers Erie, Pennsylvania (Photo: WICU-TV via CNN NewsSource)

As much as the Seattle area got excited about 2-3 inches of snow over Christmas, imagine getting more than 20 times that amount!!!

A Lake-effect snow on Monday into Tuesday morning pummeled the town of Erie, Pennsylvania, which is nestled along the shores of -- you guessed it -- Lake Erie, taking a White Christmas to the extreme. Weather observers report the town had 34 inches of snow fall on Christmas Day, then another 19 inches fall on Tuesday morning!

The 34 inch total is the all-time daily snowfall record for Erie, and the 53 inches over two days set the record for all of Pennsylvania - by 9 full inches.

Erie issued a snow emergency, citing "dangerous and impassable" roads. It asked residents to stay off streets until the snow stops and roads can reopen.

State police and the state Department of Transportation are urging people to avoid travel, citing poor visibility and deteriorating conditions.

The storm made for surreal winter landscapes of cars buried so deep in snow they looked like lumps along the road.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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