2017 was driest -- and nearly hottest -- summer on record in Seattle

Seattleites flock to Alki Beach on a record-warm June day (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- As summer comes to a close Friday, we can look back and officially call it a record-breaker for lack of rain (duh), but also tied the record for high temperatures!

Seattle managed just a paltry 0.52" of rain since summer officially began on June 21* -- and 0.50" of that has come in the last week. It's the driest summer on record if you count the official astronomical start dates of June 21-September 21, narrowly beating 1910's 0.58" --which was measured at the Downtown Federal Building. For Sea-Tac Airport, the record is 1.28 inches set in 1988.

As for the heat -- we came in at a tie!

Although if you want to get technical, 1967 had 4 more aggregate degrees than this summer -- as in, if you add up all the highs this summer through Sept. 21, and do the same for 1967, you'd find 1967 was 4 total degrees warmer (7,314 vs 7,310) or 0.04 degrees warmer by average. We get the tie this year based on rounding.

I have to say I'm surprised we're coming in warmer than 2015 -- that certainly had the most 90+ degree days on record (12) and 80+ days on record (51) but a few of those technically came in late spring.

Either way, it was another toasty summer. And it continues the trend -- now four of the last five summers occupy the Top 5 hottest summers by average temperatures.

Can't wait to see what autumn and winter have in store!

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