2 funnel clouds spotted over Puget Sound region on stormy Sunday

    Funnel Cloud spotted near Snohomish on Sept. 16, 2018 (Photo: Patrick Doyle)

    SEATTLE -- I guess it was apropos that on a day the Seattle Storm celebrates their third WNBA championship that Mother Nature would put on a stormy show of her own.

    Two funnel clouds were spotted among the heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms that rolled through the Puget Sound region on Sunday.

    Matt Crissman, who goes by "Capitol Hill Matt" captured video of one such funnel clouds as it twirled over Ballard just after noon:

    Here's what it looked like from the Space Needle camera:

    View of a storm cell that produced a funnel cloud, as seen from the Space Needle Web Camera

    A second funnel cloud was spotted near Snohomish and Monroe by Patrick Doyle:

    Funnel Cloud spotted near Snohomish on Sept. 16, 2018 (Photo: Patrick Doyle)

    That funnel had a classic radar signature, with a bit of a hook on the radar reflectivity and the classic red-green couplet (signifying rotating winds) on the "velocity" scan on the radar which tracks whether winds are blowing toward or away from the radar.

    Neither funnel touched down and there was no damage.

    Nearby in Granite Falls, Benjamin Jurkovich headed to a cell that showed broad rotation and a bit of a shelf cloud:

    It was all part of a classic "showers and sunbreaks" kind of "autumn" day around Seattle as a cool trough of low pressure brought in cold air aloft, allowing for an unstable air mass. The colder air allows warm air parcels to lift higher and create more intense rain cells (although "intense" still pales in comparison to how this process works in...just about every other part of the U.S.)

    Here is a recap of the afternoon from our Queen Anne Tower Camera:

    Up in the mountains, it was cool enough for the first snow in spots! Check out the exciting scene from Crystal Mountain!

    The weather pattern will be a bit calmer to start off the week, but rain returns to the forecast toward the end of the week.

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