12 feet of snow at Snoqualmie, 10" of rain in Seattle in December

Siri Bryant, of Sammamish, Wash., gets into her car, still covered with a couple of feet of snow after being parked overnight at Snoqualmie Pass, Wash., Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

To say this year's weather is a little bit different than last year's weather would be saying like a watermelon is just a little bit different than popcorn kernel.

As storms continue to make the Pacific Northwest their home this autumn...and now winter... Snoqualmie Pass has reached the 12 foot mark for total observed snowfall in December.

12 FEET!

The 144" of snow so far this month is the most in December since 2007, and well over the average of 95.2".

Last year? Just 20" in December. We had 19" alone on Dec. 18.

And that's not counting the 14" from November so the seasonal total through Monday was 160 inches.

But wait, there's more! A Winter Storm Warning is up for another 1-2 feet of Snoqualmie Pass snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. Long range forecasts are still holding for winter to be warmer as we head into next year, but at least we've got something in the bank.

Soggy in the lowlands too!

All the snow up there has meant a whole lot of rain down here. As of Monday, Seattle crossed 10 inches of rain for December (10.06") -- just the 9th time in Sea-Tac history that we've had more than 10" of rain in a month.

For December, it's the 3rd wettest, but with another potent storm coming in Tuesday night will easily push us into second place (10.16") and get us close to Top Dog (11.85") set in 1979.

In fact, Seattle has a shot to be in top 3-5 wettest months all time for Sea-Tac:

1) 15.63" Nov 2006

2) 12.92" Jan 1953

3) 11.85" Dec 1979

4) 11.65" Jan 2006

5) 11.62" Nov 1998

6) 10.71" Nov 1990

7) 10.40" Nov 1995

8) 10.18" Dec 1996

9) 10.06" Dec 2015

We're going to be dry over Christmas weekend but more rain looks like it'll return before New Year's.

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