Parking limitations at the Tukwila light rail station

Tukwila pic.jpg

Light rail ridership is off the charts up 84% this past May compared to last year.

But the flip side to the increase is the lack of parking at one particular station south of Seattle. KOMO viewer Terry Toensfeldt loves using the Tukwila light rail to get into downtown Seattle, but he writes there's "no parking spaces available" after 6:30 a.m.

Sound Transit says numbers have spiked from 35,000 riders to 64,000 this summer as a result of opening the new Capitol Hill and University of Washington stations back in March.

For the last several years, parking has been an issue at the Tukwila Station. It only holds 666 spaces, all of which are taken by the early morning.

Some relief is expected though, once the agency opens the Angle Lake Station in September. That lot will offer more than 1,000 parking spots, however the agency anticipates it will fill up too.

Sound Transit says there are no parking spots at Seattle-area stations by design. Many people access the terminals by walking or biking. It's only in the outlying areas where parking is an option.

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