Students encouraged to show support for injured Bothell High teacher


BOTHELL, Wash. -- Their sense of safety is shaken, but students and staff will try to regroup this week at Bothell High School for the first time since someone attacked a teacher.

Police still don't have a suspect identified and that has many families wondering if danger is still lurking around the campus. The district canceled school on Friday but classes are back on for Monday.

"I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a pretty rough day for everybody," said Lisa Kromholtz, whose daughter is a junior at the high school. Both have reservations about how safe school really is with an unknown suspect still on the loose.

"She's a little concerned going back tomorrow, not knowing if (the suspect) is a student, and they are having an assembly, and is the person going to be sitting with them," Kromholtz said.

On Thursday, someone jumped teacher Cal Pygott and bashed his head from behind in wood shop after school let out. The suspect even lashed a zip tie around the teacher's neck, according to investigators.

Former student Brian Wescott said the victim is one of the more popular teachers on staff and can't understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

"I had him as a sophomore, and he was the chillest, coolest teacher that I had," Wescott said.

No one witnessed the crime and police have not released a suspect description. Detectives are still going through hours of surveillance footage looking for clues.

With so many lingering questions, extra officers will be on campus Monday as an added safety measure. Students are also being encouraged to wear the school color of blue.

Reached at home, Pygott said he isn't ready to talk about the case but is hopeful he can get better and return to the classroom in about a week.

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