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S eth Wayne is our morning Weather Anchor for the KOMO 4cast team. Before Seth came to KOMO 4, he forecasted the weather for our sister station, KVAL TV, in Eugene, Oregon.

It's been Seth's dream to work at KOMO. He's filled in on various newscasts over the years and is thrilled to be a permanent part of an award winning team! Talking about awards, Seth has won many including his most coveted "Best Weather" from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters. From 24 hour tsunami coverage to northwest flooding, Seth has dealt with it all! He's a member of the National Weather Service and an associate member of the American Meteorological Society.

Seth grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has lived in many states since! After attending college in Michigan, Seth started his meteorology trek in Alaska and worked at stations in Kansas and Arizona before making the Pacific Northwest home. If Seth isn't forecasting the weather, he's probably on a cruise ship!

Keep in touch with Seth! He'd love to hear from you.