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If you're looking for someone to cheer a sunny and warm Seattle day, better move farther down the alphabet on our station bio page. (Looking at you, Theron Zahn...)

Scott is the station's web meteorologist, but more importantly, is the "spokesperson for Seattle's rain fans". (No really, it's on his Twitter page, so it must be true.)

Originally from Port Angeles, this son of a Coast Guard rescue pilot spent his childhood in a number of cities up and down the Pacific Coastline, which helped grow his affinity for cool, rainy weather (not to mention was the perfect training ground to perfect his killer fog horn impression.)

He's been a weather geek since about 7 years old when he went through a major windstorm on the southern Oregon Coast. But he really got into weather during his lone childhood stop away from the West Coast -- a 3-year stint in North Carolina, where he developed phobias of grits, Atlanta Braves baseball... and their strong thunderstorms. Something about random explosions at 2 a.m. several times a week didn't sit too well, so he'd watch the weather every night to see where the thunderstorms were and the weather interest blossomed from there. Oh, and it was hot. A lot. And humid.

Luckily his family returned home to the Northwest, the place where thunderstorms fear to tread, and he soon graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Atmospheric Sciences. He started at KOMO two days later as Steve Pool's weather producer -- no truth to the rumor it was to help balance out all the Cougs running around here -- and has been working at KOMO for 20 years now.

As the internet evolved, so did Scott's duties, becoming the station's web meteorologist in 2000. With that, Scott began to write the daily evening online forecast discussion, topical weather stories for the main site when the weather was ornery, and also learned how to write biography entries in the third person.

In 2007, he began his "Partly to Mostly Bloggin'" Weather Blog -- his favorite part of the day where he gets to not just blog about crazy weather stats, cool atmospheric effects, and amazing weather photography, but also such meteorological things as dartboards, stinky fogs, and on rare occasion, Sharknadoes.

Scott also co-authored a book with Steve Pool called "Somewhere, I Was Right," which, while critically acclaimed on Amazon (three people gave it 5 stars!) you can now apparently buy in paperback for 9 cents. Take that, Rowling.

He's married with two daughters and lives north of Seattle, which means there is a roughly 2-in-5 chance he's currently stuck in the Mercer Mess as you read this.