Seattle Kraken? Internet sleuth uncovers domain names registered to Seattle NHL group

Conceptual drawing of what new hockey arena would look like at the remodeled KeyArena. What will be the team's name? (Oak View Group).

SEATTLE -- As Seattle awaits news of getting a potential expansion NHL franchise, an internet sleuth has uncovered some potential clues as to some team name options.

Clark Rasmussen with has been keeping an eye on domain registrations.

"Today, a lot of ones that look like team names showed up," Rasmussen said.

Using "tools" to find domain name themes, Rasmussen said there were 38 domains representing 13 possible names that were resigstered by a woman associated with the Oak View Group.

He said the email address on the domain registration is connected to a law firm that assisted the Oak View Group in its bid to redevelop Key Arena.

Missing from this list: The Metropolitans -- Seattle's original professional hockey franchise that won the Stanley Cup in 1917. The team disbanded in 1925.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, known as ICANN lists the owner of to a resident of Issaquah but now lives in Arizona. Attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

Emails and calls to the Oak View Group and the attorney Rasmussen said was listed on the domain registration were not returned.

Rasmussen said he has a history of figuring out team names. Using some of his same techniques, he was able to determine potential names the owners of the new Las Vegas NHL team were considering.

One of those names was the Golden Knights which he published before the team made that name official.

“The Seattle team, we all know, its coming, its big news, allot of people trying to get on this, allot of domain speculators," Rasmussen said.

He saod the name associated with the various Seattle domain registrations was different.

“I’d recognized various names from the Vegas naming, this one i didn't recognize," Rasmussen said.

All the domain names are currently listed as private registrations meaning the owners name is not being made public.

The following is a list of some of the domain registration names.

Which name do you like best?

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