Russell Wilson wins Halloween with Pete Carroll costume

    Russell Wilson dressed as Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll for Halloween. (Photo: Screen grab from Wilson's video) 

    SEATTLE - Wearing a floppy white and gray wig, a headset, a Seahawks shirt, khakis and bright white Nike Monarch shoes while a chewing huge wad of gum - quarterback Russell Wilson nailed his impersonation of head coach Pete Carroll for Halloween.

    Wilson posted a video on social media of himself in his costume before visiting kids at Seattle Children's hospital on Tuesday.

    Wilson even received a Pete Carroll name tag at the hospital.

    Backup quarterback Austin Davis also joined Wilson - dressed as a carton of French fries. The two made the rounds at the hospital bringing smiles to kids, parents and staff.

    Well done Russell, well done! You win Halloween!

    The coach enjoyed it, too.

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