Spirited 12s petition to rename Occidental Ave. to 'Seahawks Place'

SEATTLE - A petition has been drafted and signatures are pouring in as spirited 12s lead the effort in renaming a portion of Seattle's Occidental Avenue to "Seahawks Place".

February brought a Super Bowl win for the Seattle Seahawks, and fans throughout the state are eager to further immortalize the NFL teams' glory.

Proud 12th Woman Lindsey Renick is quarterbacking the petition, and created a Facebook page to help spread the message. Renick said after the Super Bowl parade she felt like the Seahawks deserved a tangible honor from the city.

"The stretch of street directly in front of the stadium is mayhem on game days. Full of chanting fans and game energy, it seems suiting to give it some significance as a 'place'," Renick said.

Rednick knows there's historical value to Occidental Avenue's name, and says she isn't trying to insult or upset anyone.

"I feel like the fans, team, players, owner and staff have earned something like this, even if only a ceremonial addition," Renick said. "The Seahawks are more than a team, and the 12th Man phenomena has become something almost with it's own heartbeat. People from every walk of life and background, every belief structure, and spanning the globe, all gather to cheer and support our boys in a game that feels like so much more."

The growing petition currently has 466 signatures with hopes to exceed 1,500. Renick doesn't have a goal or deadline in mind just yet, and is taking things one step at a time.

"I believe we will get enough signatures over time, I am honestly stunned at the number of likes the Facebook page got so quickly," Renick adds.

A designated street for the Hawks isn't too outlandish. Baseball fan and former-mayor Greg Nickels renamed Atlantic Street, which marked Safeco Field's southern boundary, "Edgar Martinez Drive" in 2004.

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