Seahawks kicker 'Seabass' may have played his last NFL game

Seattle Seahawks place kicker Sebastian Janikowski (11) falls to the ground after suffering an injury to his left leg attempting a long field goal attempt against the Dallas Cowboys in the first half of the NFC wild-card NFL football game in Arlington, Texas, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

SEATTLE - Seahawks kicker Sebastian Janikowski's career may be over after he popped his left hamstring on an errant 57-yard field goal try just before halftime in Seattle's 24-22 loss to Dallas on Saturday night.

Without a backup plan, the Seahawks had to go for it on fourth down in field-goal range and had to go for 2 points after a touchdown rather than try to kick it through the uprights. And when they pulled within a field goal with 1:18 left, they were toast without a Plan B for an onside kick.

Punter Michael Dickson's drop-kick went way too far and Dallas receiver Cole Beasley made what might be the easiest catch ever to seal a playoff win.

The onside kick nearly disappeared in 2018 after the league's competition committee last offseason outlawed teams from stacking one side or getting a running start. The rules were designed to cut down on concussions but drastically reduced the onside kick as an option.

Only four of 54 attempts were successful during the regular season, an 8 percent success rate that pales in comparison to the 23 percent conversion rate in 2017, when 13 of 55 onside kicks were recovered by the kicking team.

Coach Pete Carroll figured Janikowski simply hurt himself trying to kick the ball as hard as he could.

And Seabass might have kicked his final game in the NFL. The 40-year-old isn't under contract for next season and also got hurt last month.

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