Seahawks DT ejected, has beer thrown at him by fans, tries to climb into stands

A Seattle Seahawks staff member tries to remove Seahawks defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson, left, from the field as an object thrown from the stands hits them during the closing moments of an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Dec. 10, 2017, in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville won 30-24. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

Defensive tackle Quinton Jefferson was one of two Seahawks ejected during the final drive of Seattle’s 30-24 loss at Jacksonville on Sunday.

As he was leaving the field after being disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct, a spectator tossed a beer at him, causing Jefferson to scurry toward the stands and engage in a verbal spat with members of the crowd. During that exchange, another beverage was thrown at Jefferson, who then attempted to bypass security and climb into the stands.

Jefferson – ejected after a second straight Jaguars kneel-down -- was eventually restrained before making it into the stands, then escorted off the field with 50 seconds remaining.

“I’m walking, I’m not talking to nobody, I’m walking out then somebody throws a drink, then somebody throws another drink – what would you do?” Jefferson told reporters after the game.

Fellow defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was ejected one play prior for throwing a punch during a skirmish that began when Michael Bennett appeared to intentionally take down an offensive lineman in the knee area after the conclusion of a kneel-down. In response, Jacksonville running back Leonard Fournette initiated a shoving match with Bennett, prompting Richardson to shove the runner with his right arm.

Bennett and Fournette were both flagged for unnecessary roughness penalties with 54 seconds left to play.

“It’s really unfortunate how it ends, with everybody scrapping and all that,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said after the game. “We had a chance to get the ball and unfortunately we weren’t able to work that out properly. We have to be more poised than that.” is a KOMO News partner. You can read this story at here.

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