Mike Ferreri: Key takeaways from the Seahawks loss to the Chargers

Seahawks v. Chargers

Kid Carson

Chris Carson gives the Seahawks a different dimension when he is in the game. Carson didn’t finish the first half and didn’t play the second half because a groin/hip injury. Carson finished the day with eight carries for 40 yards and was a big part of the eight minute opening drive of the game that saw the Seahawks take a 7-0 lead. The offense seemed to fizzle without him.


Talking with Duane Brown after the game, he simply said if the Seahawks didn’t get so many penalties that knocked them back to third-and-long too many times, they would have won. Cleaner football is something they’ll be working on this week. On a side note, Duane Brown is one of the guys in the locker room that is there to answer questions and talk about the game each and every week regardless of the result.

I want it that way

That’s the first boy band lyric I could think of in tribute to the New Kids on the Block type of touchdown celebration by the Seahawks after Jaron Browns TD catch. The TD celebrations the past few weeks from the Seahawks have been fun to watch. It’s gonna be hard, in my opinion, to top the baseball/beanball celebration from last week in Detroit - due in large part to the fact that I love baseball.


Russell Wilson had thrown 11 touchdown passes and one interception since week three. He threw a pick 6 Sunday and it cost the Seahawks the game. Wilson also threw a pick six in Chicago in week two as the Seahawks were trying to make a comeback in the fourth quarter on Monday night football. Wilson said after the game he will keep throwing it and doing all he can to give his team a chance to win. That’s a good thing. A quarterback that doesn’t throw the football won’t be fulfilling his gridiron duties.

Bad Day

While Wilson threw a pick six he didn’t have as bad a day as Chargers kicker Caleb Sturgis. Sturgis missed one field and two extra points and, on top of that, was called for a personal foul and the Chargers were penalized 15 yards. What did he do you ask? I saw it from about 10 yards away. On the kick return following the pick six for the Chargers, Tyler Lockett was returning the kick and Sturgis was down the field in coverage ( for some reason), he found himself on the ground and as Lockett started to go by he tried to kick tackle Lockett with his two legs. It actually looked like a weak attempt at a WWE Scissor kick. It wasn’t nice and he was flagged. Sturgis might be out of a job this week.

The QB Challenge

Phillip Rivers was the first of four really good quarterbacks the Seahawks will face this month. Next, it will be Jared Goff and the Rams, followed by Aaron Rogers and the Packers and then a trip to Carolina to face Cam Newton and the Panthers. A tough stretch indeed.

The Tribute

From the city lit up in blue this weekend to the tribute the Seahawks did during pregame, late Seahawks owner Paul Allen was on the mind of so many people this weekend. It was an incredible video tribute at CenturyLink for Paul Allen topped by the 12 flag raised then dropped to half staff. Paul Allen owned the Seahawks and he was one of the wealthiest people in the world. But beyond the bank account, he was a selfless individual that made the world a better place. Something we should all strive to do in some little way each day.

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