Ferreri: Takeaways from Sunday's Seahawks win against the Chiefs

Seahawks vs. Chiefs (Photo: Ryan McBoyle/KOMO News)

Pick him in a fight

If you had to pick teams for a fight wouldn’t you pick Doug Baldwin first and Quenton Jefferson a close second?

Baldwin looked to be injured and done for the night in the 4th quarter only to return on the same drive he got hurt and make a ridiculous one-handed bobbling grab landing at the 1 to set up a Chris Carson TD that was the difference in the game.

I look at Baldwin and he reminds me of the characters in war movies that gets shot but stays alive to keep fighting and ends up saving the platoon (sidenote: all due respect for the military and the horrors of war, just trying to get a point across.)

The point is, Baldwin lays it all on his line for his team and if you ever were in a bad situation or a battle Baldwin is the guy you want on your team....or in your foxhole.

And oh yeah. Baldwin with 7 catches against the Chiefs is now third all-time on the Seahawks in receiving yards.

Playoffs? You bet

The Seahawks are in the postseason for the 7th time in 9 years under Pete Carroll and this season may have been Carroll’s best yet at the NFL Level. This should put what Carroll has consistently done in perspective: The Seahawks franchise had made only 10 postseason appearances in 34 years before Pete Carroll.

We’ve been riding a wave of Seahawks awesomeness for nearly a decade. Enjoy the ride folks, every little second of it.

1000 Yard Man

Chris Carson is the first Seahawks runningback to go over 1,000 yards since Marshawn Lynch in 2014. Carson is as chill and relaxed as a Sunday morning in Maui but he runs with a reckless abandon that is something to behold.

TD 195

Russell Wilson threw his 195th career TD pass in the 4th quarter to Ed Dickson. Wilson is now tied with Dave Krieg for the franchise record.

See what happens when you throw to Ed

I have been campaigning here for the Seahawks to throw the ball more to tight end Ed Dickson. He’s a big target that can make difficult catches and do good things when he gets the ball and he often seems to get open but doesn’t see the ball come his way. On Sunday: three receptions. One was for a huge first down another was the acrobatic, full body stretch grab in the end zone for a score and yes, Ed can block.

I talked with Ed after the game and told him I have been campaigning for him to get the ball more (because Brian Schottenheimer cares what I think.) But Dickson said there are more receptions coming and said he and Russell Wilson have a good relationship after the two worked out together in the offseason in California.

Sweezy and Fluker

JR Sweezy suffered a pretty bad ankle sprain in the 1st half that knocked him out of the game. Sweezy seemed to be moving around on it okay in the locker room following the game and had an MRI on the ankle Monday.

Because Sweezy was out DJ Fluker and his aching hamstring were called into duty. Fluker played and did well but was in obvious pain walking off the field at the end of the game. I would say he is doubtful to play against the Cardinals on Sunday. But keep it in perspective, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV.


Patrick Mahomes is a pretty incredible quarterback but didn’t have his best game in Seattle and that’s good.

He is slippery in the pocket, moves around and waits for receivers then tears out of there if no one is open.

Mahomes made a couple funky, on the run, borderline sidearm throws for completions that were ridiculous. It was almost like watching the second baseman throw to 1st. He will be fun to watch for years to come as he gets better and better but last night Russell Wilson was better.

Now What?

The Seahawks are playoff bound. As a 5 or 6 seed their road to the Super Bowl will be on the road. A Seahawks win over the Cardinals on Sunday or a loss by the Vikings will give the Seahawks a 5 seed. If the Seahawks were to lose and that loss is combined with a win by the Vikings then the Seahawks would drop to a 6 seed.

Dallas and Chicago are potential destinations and LA is a distant possibility all depending on what the Rams do in their regular season finale against Fightin’ Richard Sherman and the 49ers.

Mele Kalikimaka

I don’t know if you celebrate the Christmas holiday or not. If you do enjoy Christmas Day with your family and friends. If you don’t, enjoy December 25 and have an awesome day.

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