Arizona DOT trolls Seahawks ahead of Thursday night showdown

Freeway traffic sign seen on Phoenix's I-10 ahead of the Seahawks-Cardinals game on Nov. 8, 2017 (Photo via Arizona Department of Transportation)

PHOENIX -- "Careful passing results in successful drives"

Good advice for drivers? Or a shot against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks ahead of their Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix?

The Arizona DOT put aside traffic cones for trolling Tweets Thursday, with thinly veiled "traffic advice" but c'mon, you know what they're really saying:

And for those who might have forgotten (or successfully blocked the incident from their memory), that fateful Super Bowl pass was at Arizona's home stadium.

The Washington State Department of Transportation didn't take long for their response:

And should Arizona really be talking about passing? Arizona's starting quarterback Carson Palmer was injured last month, and backup Drew Stanton hasn't exactly lit the world on fire against the Seahawks:

The Seahawks and Cardinals kick off the first of their two division rivalry games Thursday night at 5:25 p.m.

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