SYNC IT UP: Follow the action with the Voice of the Huskies, Tony Castricone

KOMO Newsradio 'Sync It Up'

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Are you a die-hard Husky football fan suffering from R.A.D. - Random Announcer Disorder? We have a cure for you.

Due to a large amount of requests, fans will be able to ‘Sync It Up’ and follow along with the action on TV, while listening to the radio and the Voice of the Huskies, Tony Castricone, on KOMO 1000 AM & FM 97.7. We will be applying a delay to our FM 97.7 signal to allow you to ‘Sync It Up’ every Husky football broadcast through your DVR.

The steps are simple and easy to follow:

If you're listening inside of Husky Stadium:

  1. Tune your radio to KOMO AM 1000
  2. Hear live play-by-play commentary while you watch the action on the field

If you're watching the game on TV:

  1. Tune your radio to KOMO FM 97.7, with audio that will be delayed to be behind the action on the screen
  2. Or you can listen to our stream of the action at, on your mobile device, the KOMO 4 app or Alexa
  3. Pause your DVR, cable box or streaming device at the start of a play
  4. Press play on the video as soon as the audio catches up

'Sync It Up' and listen to the broadcast team that knows Washington Husky football better than anybody else.

See the full schedule for the 2019 season of Husky football here.