Husky fans cheer, Cougs moan after Apple Cup

There was joy and pain on a wet Saturday night at the Apple Cup. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- It was a wild and wet evening at the 2017 Apple Cup at Husky Stadium. The rain didn't give up through the entire night and as the fans will tell you, neither did the Huskies.

"Dominating," said Husky fan John MacDonald. "Even more than I thought. I called 34-20 originally, but I wasn't surprised."

"We didn't show up," said WSU student Joseph Stinnie. "We couldn't stop the run game. We had the turnovers. Besides that we just didn't get off the bus on this one. It was tough."

"Best win," said Husky fan Pat McCormack. "People say we're a spoiler, but it meant so much this year and the last three years."

A big night for our own Bob Rondeau of KOMO Radio, "The Voice of the Huskies." He is retiring after 37 years. He was happy with his last Apple Cup, "Awesome man, putting on a show. It's turning out great and I am just blown away especially with how we're playing here tonight."

It's not over. Both side will get to cheer again once the teams learn which bowl game they will play in.