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Want to save money on pet food? Comparison ship.

Are you getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to pet food?

May 22, 2019

The average pet parent spends between $120 and $500 on pet food each year. If you want to save money on pet food, it pays to shop around.

A recent survey by Checkbook.org found quite a price spread.

"The least expensive places charge about 40 percent less than the most expensive places," said Kevin Brasler, Checkbook's executive editor.

Checkbook's shoppers checked prices for 11 popular dog and cat foods at pet stores, big-box discounters, grocery stores and online suppliers.

"Among local stores, the lowest prices were offered by the places that you'd expect: WinCo, Target and Walmart had the lowest prices overall," Brasler told me. "Costco also offers really low prices, but it really only carries its own brand, its own Kirkland brand of dry dog food."

Shopping for pet food online doesn't always result in lower prices, but it can if you choose the right website.

"Chewy.com had the best prices,15% lower than Amazon's," Brasler said.

Chewy and some other online retailers offer a small discount, typically 5%, if you sign up for regular deliveries.

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