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Skip these new car add-ons and save hundreds of dollars

Here's how you can avoid car-buying fees.

June 4, 2019

You can't buy a car without being encouraged to spend more for a variety of add-ons, such as rustproofing, paint sealing and fabric protection.

The auto experts at Consumer Reports say you can skip all of them.

Today's cars are built to withstand corrosive weather and road conditions, so they don't need additional treatments, which can add hundreds to the cost of your car.

CR says paint sealants are basically wax that will wear off after a few months. And the interior protection is just expensive spray-on fabric protectant.

Etching the vehicle's VIN number into the glass is another add-on. It's a good anti-theft measure, but CR says a local mechanic will charge you less than a dealer or you can buy a do-it-yourself kit for as little as $20.

Probably the most expensive add-on is the extended warranty. Here's what Consumer Reports says about that:

"A warranty that covers repairs after the manufacturer's warranty expires can provide peace of mind. But it can add thousands to the cost of the car." CR recommends buying a reliable vehicle and setting aside an emergency fund instead.

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