Fraud Alert: Package Delivery Scams

Be aware of package delivery scams this holiday season!

December 18, 2017

Package delivery scams are a big problem this time of year. With so many gifts ordered online, a delivery notice by text or email isn’t likely to raise any red flags. And the crooks are counting on that.

They’re sending out bogus notices that there's a package waiting or a problem delivering a package to you.

Sometimes, these messages include an attachment that supposedly contains all the details. Don’t open it. That attachment could be loaded with malware that will infect your computer.

Sometimes there's a link. It will take you to a bogus site designed to look just like the real one at that shipping company. The scammers hope you think you’re on the real site and will provide them with your personal information. If you do, they can use it to commit identity theft.

Advice from the FBI: If you receive such a notice, don't respond to the text or email. Instead, contact the retailer or shipping company directly to resolve any issues.

More Info: FBI Tech Tuesday - Building a Digital Defense Against Holiday Scams

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