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Does it makes sense to buy travel insurance for your next flight?

Is travel insurance worth the extra cost?

March 12, 2019

Go online to buy an airline ticket and before you can check out, you'll get the pitch to buy travel insurance.

While the airlines say they're offering passengers "peace of mind," a recent analysis by Checkbook.org finds that these policies provide "pretty thin coverage" because of all the limitations and exclusions.

"They say they're offering total protection, but actually drill down in the policies and you find that they don't cover much at all," said Kevin Brasler, Checkbook's executive editor.

Checkbook found that the trip cancellation and interruption insurance sold by the airlines and travel websites may not cover a trip canceled because of a preexisting medical condition or pregnancy or child birth.

They may also exclude war, civil unrest and natural disaster, like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and floods.

"These policies are set up to not pay off, as opposed to being total protection, which is what they say they offer," Brasler said. "They're really designed apparently to not pay out and they really are just bad buys."

Before you buy: Check to see if any of your credit cards offer trip insurance as a free perk; many do.

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