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Asian automakers dominate new reliability ratings from Consumer Reports

How does your car rank?

Oct. 29, 2018

Want a reliable car? Then consider a Lexus, Toyota or Mazda, the top three brands in the just-released annual reliability survey by Consumer Reports.

Seven of the top 10 brands this year are from Japan and South Korea, including Subaru, Kia, Infiniti and Hyundai.

Three European brands round out the top 10: Audi, BMW and Mini.

Every domestic automaker landed in the bottom-half of CR's latest reliability ranking.

“Ford ranked the highest,18 out of 29 overall, followed by Buick and then Lincoln, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Chrysler, GMC and Ram, in that order,” said Mike Quincy with Consumer Reports Autos.

Cadillac finished 28 out of 29. Volvo was in last place.

The big news in this year's reliability report: Tesla fell six spots from last year and now ranks third-worst, 27 out of 29.

"The Model S really brought the whole division down,” Quincy explained. “The Model S dropped to below average reliability and the Model X SUV remained much worse than average. We cannot recommend the Model S anymore, which is too bad because it did well in our instrumented testing."

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