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Are you wasting money on premium gas?

Most cars will not see a benefit from using premium gasoline.

May 21, 2019

Here's a money-saving tip for anyone who buys premium gasoline. Do you really need to pay nearly $4 a gallon for that top-of-the-line grade of gas?

There's a good chance you don't. So, how do you find out?

Jeff Bartlett a deputy editor at Consumer Reports Autos says to check the owner's manual or just open the fuel-filler door.

"It will say on it if regular is recommended, if premium is recommended or if premium is required," Bartlett explains. "Required is what you're looking for. A recommendation is just a tip, and that tip can cost you money. Just put in what's required and for most cars, regular gas works just fine."

You're not doing your car a favor by buying premium when it's not required, Bartlett says. If you're buying a top-tier detergent gasoline, premium grade doesn't have any more cleaning power than regular. And it won't give you more miles per gallon than regular.

"Most cars will not see a benefit from using premium gasoline," he said. "In fact, the cars these days are so smart, they make all kinds of adjustments for the fuel that they're expecting, and most cars are expecting regular gas."

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