5 unexpected perks of being a school bus driver

Looking for a rewarding job with a positive impact?

Being a school bus driver may be one of the most underrated jobs out there. Think about it; they are entrusted with the insanely important task of taking the community’s most precious cargo to and from school every day to learn. It’s a respectable role, and it comes with more-than-respectable benefits. Yet, Washington state is experiencing a shortage in school bus drivers. Looking for a rewarding job with a positive impact? Check out these perks of being a bus driver that might have you considering it as your next career move:

Time off during the day.

The staggered work schedule of the job gives drivers a long break in the middle of the day to take time for themselves. Catch a movie, get in a round of golf, check things off the to-do list, take continuing-education classes, exercise, or take a nap; Just imagine all the things you could accomplish

A positive impact on the community.

Bus drivers get to work where they live, serving families they know. The kids of the district depend on them every day to be safely transported to and from school. School bus drivers spend their shifts interacting with parents and children alike, so it’s a great job for a people person. If you want a job that gives back to the community, being a bus driver might be just what you’re looking for.

Summers and holidays off.

No more struggling to get time off to spend with family during the holidays. Bus drivers only work while school is in session, and follow the school schedule, so your kids will have the same days off that you do! That means more time for camping, lake trips, and barbeques in the summer, and more time for eggnog, baking cookies and spending time with family in the winter.

Great wages and benefits.

Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, there are school bus driver openings all over Washington state with competitive wages and benefits. Not only will you be serving your community, but you’ll also be well paid while doing it.

Training is provided.

You don’t need to have any prior experience as a bus driver to land this position. What you do need is to be a dependable, safe driver with a good record, who knows the rules of the road. You’ll go through on-the-job training to receive your commercial driver’s license, which is really an investment in your future.

Sound like your kind of gig? Make your bus driving dreams come true! Go to driveaschoolbus.org to check out and apply for available jobs by district.

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