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The Basics Of Blacklight Responsive Diamonds

Photo Credit: James St. John on flickr via Creative Commons- flickr.com/photos/jsjgeology/

Diamond fluorescence demand is on the rise despite the common misconception that diamonds exhibiting fluorescence are not genuine, or have some kind of defect. This naturally occurring phenomenon is a unique, hidden trait which some find exceptionally appealing.

Roughly 30% of diamonds contain a certain level of boron, which causes the precious gems to glow when they're exposed to ultra violet, also known as "blacklight." The level of boron present in the diamond determines how much light the diamond will emit when exposed. In other words, the higher the concentration, the stronger the glow.

Because the glow the diamonds emit varies, diamond experts have developed a scale to help classify these natural wonders. The scale is as follows:

Very Strong, Strong, Medium, Faint, None.

This fluorescent glow has a tendency to catch consumers off guard and therefore has led to a popular belief that these diamonds are in some way not genuine stones or the color in some manner would be negatively affected. It is safe to say this could not be further from the truth. As per a study conducted by the GIA in 1997, it was found that “the level of fluorescence has no widely perceptible effect on the color appearance or transparency of diamonds when viewed table down. In the table up position, diamonds of Strong or Very Strong fluorescence appeared to have better color than less fluorescent stones.”

However, even given this information, consumers are still wary of a UV responsive stone. This has caused diamond dealers and jewelers to concede to their customers concerns and develop an additional pricing system based on the diamonds color and clarity along with the degree of present fluorescence.

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