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5 Tips For Finding Rare Coins In Your Pocket Change

Bellevue Rare Coins has compiled five tips to help you increase your chances of spotting valuable coins hiding in circulation.

We’ve all heard stories about unsuspecting collectors finding rare coins in their pocket change and the windfall that follows. Ever wonder how you too can have the same experience? Bellevue Rare Coins has compiled five tips to help you increase your chances of spotting valuable coins hiding in circulation.

1.Keep your eyes wide open (error coins)

Coins made incorrectly by the United States Mint may at times be worth only a few dollars above face value but some like off-metal errors, for example, can demand higher price tags. Keep your eyes peeled for coins such as these because that quarter could land you up to a few thousand dollars!

2.Old coins are like a fine wine

And like wine, the older the coin is, the more valuable it becomes. The one exception to this rule however, is if the coin is as common as a 1971 penny. Not brand new but there tend to still be many in circulation. If one couples the “old” with “rare”, the chances of finding a valuable coin increases. Familiarize yourself with older, rare coins to get more out of your rare coin search.

3.Double down with Double Dies

Doubled die coins are rare in general but do have a tendency to find their way into circulation. At times the doubling of the design is very apparent, other times not. Train your eye to spot these doubled dies in rare form, for they have been known to command high payouts.

4.Silver and Gold

While it’s next to impossible for one to find a gold coin in circulation, it is not completely impossible. The chances of finding a silver coin in circulation are undeniably higher but collectors must know what they are looking for. Becoming acquainted with silver coins will be of tremendous help but ultimately, be prepared to devote a great deal of time and energy into finding rare silver coins in your pocket change.

5.Coin roll, please!

Visit your local bank and ask for a few coin rolls. Many collectors highly suggest utilizing this resource for finding rare coins. Often times the coin rolls contain error coins, silver coins, old, and other miscellaneous valuable coins. It is also one of the cheapest routes to take when beginning a coin collection as the banks can only charge you face value for the coins and you can later return the unwanted coinage.

Do you have questions about rare coins that could be hiding in your pocket change or piggy bank? Visit one of our coin experts at any one of our four Bellevue Rare Coins locations.

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