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Seattle brand Arkëras debuts stylish and comfortable medical gowns

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If you've ever had to wear a hospital gown, chances are you've been uncomfortable, maybe itchy and definitely showing more body than you bargained for.

Seattle brand Arkëras wanted to change the experience, so they reinvented the hospital gown to help empower people and make them feel more like themselves and less like a patient during what might be a difficult time.

Tammera Mason is the founder of Arkëras, based in Seattle.

"The inspiration for the first gown and now the company came from the last weeks with my grandmother, Eleanor. Traditional gowns didn't reflect who she was or how she felt about herself, but also, as time went on, the garment offerings didn't fit her changing body. Running to and from the local shops, I couldn't find the right items to fill all of her needs: caretaking accessibility, warmth and comfort, and of course, her photo-ready style," said Mason.

"After she passed and I grieved, the idea of a gown came to me. One that could restore her dignity. And through this process, I created something that could help others in the same situation — and beyond."

The gowns are designed so all can feel like themselves during often vulnerable healthcare scenarios. But it is also about assisting healthcare staff and caretakers with accessible garments.

"Designed over a century ago, traditional hospital gowns are ill-fitting with a one-size-fits-few application. They are either new and stiff or old and tired. There are companies beginning to address this need, but most fall short in terms of style and true comfort. They aren't taking the re-design far enough," said Mason.

According to The Medical Journalists' Association, 67% of people report that a standard patient gown does not fit their body or needs. The Arkëras collection is versatile, size-inclusive and perfect for all seasons of life and all reasons of care, including medical examinations, hospital stays, hospice, home care, plastic surgery, elective procedures, labor and delivery, cancer care and more.

"Arkëras offers a range of gowns. Each silhouette meant to cater to a person's individual needs and style. All gowns are fabricated to nurture the person behind the patient. There is just nothing else on the market quite like our thoughtfully crafted patient gown collection," said Mason.

Each gown features unique design elements that equally aid both patients and caregivers. The core collection includes three signature styles:

  • The Classic: an original silhouette that supports ease of dressing and concern for dignity with size inclusivity in mind. Inspired by the need for functionality, it is well suited to any stage of mobility and any body shape.
  • The Wrap: two gowns in one with unique reverse styling functionality. Choose from a V-neck wrap front or a scoop neck open back. Either way, modesty and accessibility are preserved.
  • The Henley: as easy as your favorite tee. Featuring a front placket with non-metal snaps (to keep company with pacemakers), this style features signature back panels that provide simultaneous access and coverage. This style is designed to be gender-neutral.

"Luxurious, eco-friendly fabrics were my starting point. A patient's comfort was uppermost in my mind. And where those fabrics came from was important to me too," said Mason. "The modal and cotton options are our most popular and are derived from or blended with sustainable wood sources in Austria, as well as organic cotton. We also offer one style in 100 percent linen, sourced in Europe and dyed in the United States."

"In honoring my grandmother, Arkëras has provided a way to collaborate with over 25 diverse individuals, speak with health care directors and staff, and join forces with patients who yearn for and deserve meaningful change in patient attire. I feel blessed to lead this conversation and strive to champion results for all."

Check out the gowns online.

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