Watch - KOMO en Cuba: A glimpse inside life in Havana

SEATTLE - From Seattle to Havana. It's the trip that took Alaska Airlines years to pull off and many thought it wouldn't even happen.

But over the weekend, KOMO News landed a spot on the very first West Coast flight to Cuba in more than 50 years.

KOMO's Morgan Chesky gives you a glimpse inside life in Havana as part of a series of reports.

Part 1: Alaska Airlines makes its first West Coast flight to the island nation.

Part 2: An American company is helping Cubans cash in on their newfound tourism boom.

Part 3: Mariana Sanchez, a teacher and single mother who lives with her mother, shows our KOMO cameras the side of Cuba you won't find in guidebooks. She climbs six flights of stairs in the dark, because the elevator in her apartment building is broken. She fills a bucket of with water daily because the water only turns on for one to two hours a day.

Part 4: A Cuban taxi driver is trying to make a better life for his family. But, a major change in U.S. Cuban Relations could impact that. President Obama on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017, threw out the long-standing "Wet foot, dry foot" immigration policy. It allowed Cubans who arrived without a visa, to become permanent residents within a year.

Part 5: So what comes next for Cuba? The nation's younger generations are split on its future.

Click here to can see more photos of Morgan's visit to Havana.

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