VIDEO | Moose joins snowboarder on Colorado slopes

A moose runs alongside a snowboarder in Breckenridge, Colo. on Friday, March 13, 2017. (Photo/Video: ABC NEWS via @cherbearox/Instagram)

BRECKENRIDGE, COLO. -A snowboarder in Colorado had some unexpected company on the slopes in Breckenridge, Colo. on Friday.

Cher Luther was snowboarding along with friends, working her way to catch the lift to Peak 6, when a moose galloped up from behind.

The quick thinking boarder pulled out her phone and started shooting--the moose running fairly close to Luther, passing her and then likely headed to the trees.

Luther told ABC News via Instagram: my friend Amy @shamey08 and I were snowboarding this morning in Breckinridge and I turned around to make sure she was still behind me, but instead I saw a moose trekking down the front side of the mountain. Afraid to stop in the middle of an open run while strapped to my snowboard, I thought it best to keep moving and get out of the animals way. It was a crazy sight to see and definitely one we won't forget!

Luther had posted the video the Instagram saying: "That time a #moose chased @shamey08 and I down the run" then later posting: "still have an adrenaline rush. I just was too scared to slow down while clipped in my board! I wasn't sure if he was chasing me haha so once I went left and he went straight I slowed down and stopped."

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