Northwest windstorm makes for harrowing rides on Washington ferries

Photo courtesy: Sean Kiaer

A strong storm brought damaging winds to the Pacific Northwest Sunday, making for some white-knuckle rides for passengers on Washington state's ferry system.

Shari Ray was riding a ferry to the San Juan Islands Sunday afternoon during the peak of the storm when winds gusted as high as 55-60 mph. Typically getting a spot in the front of the ferry is desirable, but perhaps not this day. Watch as some of the waves actually push one of the cars back a few feet. Ferry officials say that's not uncommon if people forget to put their parking brake on.

Farther south along the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry run across Puget Sound, Sean Kiaer snapped several photos of a ferry also fighting the winds.

He says he measured an unofficial gust of 78 mph while on one of the ferries. The nearby Edmonds-Kingston ferry run, about 10 miles south, recorded official gusts of 60 and 62 mph while in the middle of the Sound.

Over 250,000 people lost power in the storm just in Western Washington alone.

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