Drones beware: Latest version of DroneCatcher revealed

Credit: Delft Dynamics/Cover Images

Delft Dynamics showed its latest version of its DroneCatcher counter-drone system in June.

DroneCatcher is a net gun armed multicopter that can safely remove illicit drones from the air. The countermeasure has been designed for high-risk locations including airports, military bases, parliament buildings and prisons.

The Netherlands company showcased a new power-enhanced model at the Eurosatory international Defence and Security industry trade fair in Paris.

The new system sees a detachable power cable allowing the DroneCatcher to remain charged and ready for action. Once it takes flight the cable detaches and the drone can intercept and net any rogue flying objects at a range of up to 20 metres.

Delft explains: "Due to the unique Releasable Drone concept of this innovative drone company, it will be possible to instantaneously deploy the DroneCatcher after detection of an unwanted drone. Thanks to the (powered) tether, it is possible for the DroneCatcher to stay in the air for hours and by unleashing the power cable, it immediately can fly to its ‘prey’ and shoot a net with DroneCatcher’s netgun system.

“As far as we know, we are the first in the world to show this releasable tethered drone concept and especially for countering drones, fast deployment is of utmost importance.”, according to Arnout de Jong, CEO of Delft Dynamics B.V.

How DroneCatcher works:

After detection by, for example a radar, vision or an acoustic system, DroneCatcher is able to quickly approach hovering or moving threats. With the use of multiple onboard sensors, the net gun can be locked on the target. Due to DroneCatcher’s tracking capabilities, the drone will be swiftly caught by shooting a net. After the catch, DroneCatcher can carry the captured drone on a cable to a harmless place and release it there. If the caught drone is too heavy to be carried, it can be dropped with a parachute to ensure low impact on the ground.

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