'It's going to be very tough': Drivers preparing for no parking after viaduct closure

    'It's going to be very tough': Drivers preparing for no parking after viaduct closure (PHOTO: KOMO News)<p>{/p}

    "No parking signs" are already up and warning drivers not to park on several streets in downtown.

    It’s to help ease jam packed streets and keep city buses moving after the viaduct closes.

    But people who rely on parking to earn their living said the parking squeeze will make life harder.

    When you rely on parking to earn your keep, the idea of struggling to find it, when you're already going to struggle getting to Downtown from West Seattle, it's a nightmare for Uber drivers like Hussein Farah.

    "It's going to be very tough,” said Farah. "Everything is just going horribly in downtown. I wish things could be built better and planned better but it's been a mess, it's been a big mess."

    Starting on Monday, people can't park on key downtown streets from Denny Way to South Dearborn.

    For example, drivers won’t be able to park on stretches of Second and Fourth Avenues from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    It won't help Bronson Damen, a delivery driver, who needs parking for his job.

    "Not being able to park makes it really tough and that's where I'm not sure what to do beyond trying to avoid the area,” said Damen. "Doing it on your own makes it really difficult because if you can't park, you can't get out of your car, so you've driven all the way here to make no money."

    Until things get better, both drivers said they won't do business downtown.

    "When we can't drop off in downtown and there's no place to pull over, we get tickets,” said Farah. “I used to start in downtown but now my only option is to start in West Seattle and stay in West Seattle.”

    The parking will be restricted until the new tunnel opens in early February.

    Some parking restrictions on First Avenue South from King Street to Columbia already went into effect Jan. 7.

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