Wash. voters to weigh in on police oversight measure

Police investigate an officer-involved shooting in Normandy Park on June 22, 2018. (KOMO News file photo)

SEATTLE (AP) — Voters in Washington state will decide the fate of a measure that would make it easier to prosecute police officers involved in shootings.

Initiative 940 would also require police training to de-escalate volatile situations and avoid the use of deadly force. And it mandates that police provide mental health intervention and first aid on the spot.

It would remove the malice clause under state law, which would make it easier to prosecute police officers in situations where deadly force is used.

Opponents say the measure would allow police officers who are doing their jobs to be prosecuted more easily. Supporters say it would improve training and save lives.

I-940 is one of several measures on Tuesday's ballot, including ones that would charge large carbon emitters' fees on fossil fuels and another that would prohibit local governments from levying new taxes on soda or groceries.

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