Rossi favored to win Washington's 8th Congressional District, top prognosticator says

    8th Congressional District Candidate Dino Rossi speaks after advancing in the Washington State Primary, August 7, 2018. (Photo: KOMO News)

    The founder of the blog, Nate Silver, said Republican Dino Rossi is the favored to win Washington's 8th Congressional District, but just barely. It's one of the closest congressional races in the country following the retirement of incumbent Republican Dave Reichert.

    Rossi is up against Democrat Dr. Kim Schrier, who edge out two other strong Democrats in the primary.

    Silver puts the chances of a Rossi win at 55 percent, "Basically, a toss up."

    "Right now, Rossi has kind of a head start in name recognition, in fund raising and in some ways that goes against the national tide but individual factors can matter in districts like the 8th or any district, really."

    In an interview with KOMO News' Molly Shen, Silver said keep a close eye on any polling out of the district in the next month or so for clues to how the race is headed.

    "And this might be a case where as the Democratic field was slow to consolidate around one alternative, you will see more support, more enthusiasm now that the primary has occurred," said Silver.

    Silver called the primary outcome 'interesting' with Rossi winning by a huge margin, but when you add up all the votes for Democrats and all the votes for Republicans, he didn't do so well.

    The three Republicans in the race received 63,256 total votes.

    The four Democrats received 67,624 -- 4,368 more than the Republicans. said Democrats currently have a 75 percent chance of taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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