Woman goes on epic cross-country adventure...with her dog!

When embarking on our travels most of us seek human company but in her search for adventure Mallory Paige decided that dog really is mans, or in this case woman's best friend!

Having decided on a round-trip to Alaska Mallory and her furry bestie, Baylor the Dog, packed up their gear in search of adventure in North America.

What makes their recent travels even more unusual is their chosen mode of transport a motorbike and sidecar! Obviously the dog took the sidecar!

6,000 miles later the plucky pair made it to Alaska, faced bears, camped for free, got stranded on the side of the road, broke the bike, fixed the bike, and discovered the goodness of people on the road.

"Originally, Operation Moto Dog was going to be a round-trip from Oregon to Alaska," explains Mallory. "But then roadside miracles started happening and the goodness of people inspired me to expand the mission to cover all of North America - every US state, each Canadian province, and Mexico!

"I'd never ridden a motorcycle before departing Oregon, didn't know anything about engines and had little camping experience, but optimistic determination had me riding for more than 6,000 miles, learning to replace a piston, driving into the wilds to camp alone and getting closer to becoming the adventurer I envision. Most of all, I want people to know that you don't have to be perfect or fearless to live your dreams, anything is possible with the right attitude!"
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