Trooper cares for baby after driver pulled over for suspected DUI

Trooper D.C. Graham of the West Virginia State Police bathes a baby found covered in vomit in the back seat of a car involved in a suspected DUI stop Tuesday night. (West Virginia State Police)

A West Virginia state trooper went above and beyond the call of duty Tuesday night, comforting and caring for a baby found in the back seat of a car involved in a traffic stop.

West Virginia State Police Lt. Michael Baylous said the baby was found after troopers pulled over a driver suspected of driving under the influence on Oakvale Road in Princeton. The baby was covered in vomit, Baylous said.

Troopers took the 1-year-old boy back to the detachment, where Trooper D.C. Graham gave the baby a bath in the break room, wrapped him in a towel and then cradled him until Child Protective Services officials arrived.

Troopers said it looked as though the baby had been sick for some time.

Baylous said the baby is now with a legal guardian and the driver faces charges of DUI with a minor.

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