Spiders, drywall and brass knuckles don't mix

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Many people have an irrational fear of spiders -- so irrational that they go to great lengths to get rid of them. Like a Spokane man, who decided to kill a spider in his bathroom by punching it with a set of brass knuckles.

YouTube user bignickbrother4, also known as Nick Runyan, a 2011 Mead High School graduate, posted the video Monday in which he discusses seeing "the most messed up thing" he's ever seen.

"I'm moving out of Spokane, not because of a job or anything, but because of spiders," Runyan said. "I found a spider in my bathroom and hands down it's the biggest spider I've ever seen."

He then proceeds to take the viewer on a trip down the hall where the spider -- and, granted, it's a pretty big spider -- hangs on the wall next to the sink.

"I want to kill this thing," Runyan said.

In order to kill the spider you need the right tool for the job, so Runyan, with camera still rolling, heads to another room, saying, "Lets find a weapon."

Sure, there are plenty of different things that can be used to kill a spider. A wad of toilet paper and a quick flush down the toilet; a rolled-up newspaper; but Runyan decides, as he walks across the house to another room, to go for something a little less subtle: a set of brass knuckles.

This obviously doesn't bode well for the spider.

Runyan heads back to the bathroom, makes a fist, reels back and delivers a haymaker on the spider, then a second one for good measure.

It's only after the second punch that he stops, looking reflectively for several moments at the camera, and realizes that not only did he kill the spider, but also punched a fist-sized hole through the bathroom wall.

"I messed up," he concludes. "I just messed up."

The video ends with Runyan preparing to face the repercussions of his spider killing.

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