Photos: Talented artist creates lifelike tattoos using only make-up

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A freelance make up artist, who normally works with brides and models, is entertaining thousands online with her quirky tattoo inspired looks.

Alexis Reidell takes affordable high street make up and paints on her face the tattoos she has seen in studios, on social media, and friends and strangers.

Alexis, from San Diego, posts photos on Instagram of her made up face beside the tattoo she recreated, and has gained a loyal following with many suggesting tattoos they’d like to see her do.

Alexis has been getting in to the Halloween spirit recently, recreating a tattoo of Leatherface - the villain in the film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - and a scary nun. She has also painted a tattoo of a witch on her face, and in the past a pink devil.

Alexis got in to this after seeing photos of stunning tattoos of women’s faces on people’s bodies.

She said: “I thought they would make really cool make up looks and I hadn’t seen anyone else do it.”

So she painted on her face a tattoo by an artist called Chris Primm of a woman with thick, dark eye brows and striking red eye make-up. It took her 45 minutes to complete and was met with excitement.

She said: “I got so much feedback, people asking me when I was going to post my next one.”

So in April she started posting regularly and in just months her Instagram account has attracted over 5,000 followers.

She said: “At first some people don’t really understand what I do - though the concept is simple. I see a tattoo I like and I paint it on my face.

“But most people are super excited by my work and suggest other tattoos they would like me to try, by messaging me or tagging me in the photos of the tattoos they would like me to recreate.”

Now the photos she has saved, to aid her in the future, make up a 3,000 strong catalogue of ideas.

With time the tattoos Alexis has recreated on her face have become more complex and the longest one took her six hours. She does about three a week.

Alexis - who wants to do an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist herself - uses high street make up to complete her looks. Including eye shadows, liquid liners and lip colours.

She said: “Sometimes they go wrong and concealer and blending are my best friends.”

Meanwhile Alexis has been coming up with her own designs, which she applies to her face and then invites tattoo artists to ink on people. One artist had.

Strangers have asked her to attend tattoo conventions, made up, to showcase her work too; while friends and family ask her to do their make up whatever the occasion.

This Halloween they’ll be sure to be turning to her for help, and Alexis - who has painted her face as an owl, Ouija board and pumpkin in the past - will be in good spirits for the festivities too.

She said: “Whenever anyone hears I’m a make up artist they ask me to do theirs. I’ve done my friends’ make up for Comic Con and my best friends have asked to be turned in to tattoos too.

“I’ve been honored to do make up for weddings, graduations and everyday life as well.

“I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to share make up and art with people in the ways I have.”

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