Photos: Designer creates bridal gowns for Barbie dolls using toilet paper

Credit: Jian Yang/Cover Images

A businessman from Singapore has created a collection of stunning bridal gowns for Barbie dolls using nothing more than tissue paper, toilet roll and tape.

Jian Yang, 38, is the world’s largest male collector of Barbie dolls with a collection of more than 9,000.

Having collected Barbies since childhood the Business Director of an Integrated Communications Agency, has thousands of dolls from over 50 countries.

Describing the inspiration behind his designs Yang tells Cover Images: “There’s really no inspiration! I just start taping stuff onto a doll, and the outfit sort of forms itself… I do like movies and pop culture, so maybe fashion is ingrained in my mind somewhere.”

With outfits taking as little as 10 minutes to create Yang, who began making the dresses around a year ago, says he creates the dresses, photographs them, and then disposes of them – no doubt down the toilet!

“I started while seconded to Sri Lanka on an extended business trip,” he says. “I stayed in a place called Mount Lavinia Hotel, which was a beachside resort; so you can imagine after work, I'd just go back to a big hotel room, and sit and watch TV.

“When I travel, I usually have tape and scissors in my toiletries case. Tape to tape things shut for flights, and scissors for... well… use your imagination. So, one day in Sri Lanka, I decided to make a dress for a doll I brought; I bring a doll with me when i travel sometimes (but most usually, I buy a new one while traveling.)

“It all started from there.”

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