Photos: 100% recyclable cardboard tents aim to make festivals more eco-friendly

Credit: KarTent/Cover Images

Two Dutch designers are trying to offer a solution to one of music festival’s biggest problems – waste.

Each year, tons of waste are left behind when a festival has finished, with one of the main culprits being used and discarded tents. Offering a more eco-friendly, easy-to-throw-away alternative, designers Wout Kommer and Jan Portheine have created KarTent, made with 100% recyclable cardboard.

The tents, which take just a few minutes to put together and fold into position, are fixed to the ground with normal pegs. Unlike normal tents, they require no wires - which means people will not stumble or trip up between them on their walk back at night.

Each tent is designed to host two people with room for storage and has a 3.3-square-meter floor plan with a small back window to keep it fresh. According to their website a KarTent ‘will stay dry with some showers for sure’ and ‘will perform similar under heavy conditions as a regular tent would‘ for several days.

KarTent has also began partnering with festivals to pre-pitch their tents meaning festival-goers don’t need to carry the extra weight. At the end of the festival the tents are then taken to a local recycling facility.

They also offer an opportunity for brands to advertise on the sides of them, reducing the price for the consumer which can range from $40.00 for a junior size and a ‘home’ size for $60.

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