PETA trying to keep visitors from eating Maine lobster with new ads in airport

Photo: via MGN Online

BANGOR, Me. (WSET) -- PETA has placed new ads in Maine's airport to try and persuade visitors to leave lobsters alone.

The ads, in the Bangor International Airport, say 'I’m ME, Not MEAT. See the Individual. Go Vegan.'

PETA said they decided to place the ads in response to a video released from "Maine Fair Trade Lobster showing workers dismembering conscious lobsters by tearing off their claws, puncturing their shells, and ripping their heads off."

The signs are in the terminal near Gate 1 and will be up for a month.

"Just like humans, lobsters feel pain and fear, value their own lives, and don’t deserve to be ripped apart or boiled alive for a fleeting taste," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "PETA’s ads will encourage travelers to spare a thought for these animals and opt for one of the many delicious vegan seafood options available today."

PETA said the signs are also in response to live animals being 'torn apart' at the Sea Hag Seafood slaughterhouse and at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster.

The organization also created a petition to encourage District Attorney Matthew Foster to enforce the state's anti-cruelty law and press charges against Maine Fair Trade Lobster.

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