Meet the cat who wears her heart on her chest - literally!

Some cats play coy while others are aloof, but not Zoe; she wears her heart on her chest - literally! The tuxedo feline has a marking unlike any other cute cat and dons a giant heart-shaped patch of fur between her two front legs.

Zoe, the British shorthair mix, lives in Utrecht, Holland, with her owner Joanne Smienk who, after adopting her pet, found that she had a heart shape imprinted on her fur. She explains: "We found Zoe by accident. We were planning on adopting one kitten and we had chosen Izzy at first.

"When we went to pick her up we saw Zoe too and she charmed us with her adorable heart marking, that surprisingly no one had noticed before, her playful attitude and her fluff. She was the only one of her litter to become fluffy. But what really sold us was their obvious sisterly love. They were the only tuxedo kittens of their litter and they did everything together. We just couldn't separate them and went home with both. This is still our best impulsive decision ever."

Now, Zoe and her sister, Izzy, chronicle their adventures through their popular Instagram account, @izzyandthefluff. Follow it to see their everyday adorableness and silly, expressive faces!

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