Longest receipt ever? Woman gets 5'8" receipt from CVS...for 3 items

Credit: Emma Keane/@eckeane/Cover Images

Is this the longest receipt ever?

A woman has shown off a store receipt as tall as she is.

Emma Keane, from Washington, D.C., received a 5’8” paper receipt after buying just three items at CVS pharmacy.

However, once signed up to the shop's ExtraCare program customers qualify for discount coupons and offers.

Emma announced: "Some personal news: CVS gave me a 5’8” receipt today. I literally purchased three items. Wut!"

When asked how tall she was, Emma stated: "5’8”. I was holding it up high."

Emma went as far to pin the receipt to a wall at her workplace and playfully measured her colleagues, saying: "Quick update: nothing builds team camaraderie like the ole CVS receipt measuring stick."

Paul Szotek from Carmel, Indiana, commented: "If I became the CEO there the first thing I would do is eliminate the mile long receipt and donate the money to replant all the trees they have cut down giving us these receipts which 98% probably end up in the garbage. How about just put it on my account on the app."

However, fellow online commenter Marie C Jimenez, from Puerto Rico, offered: "Get the CVS app, you receive your receipt by email and also your coupon, that you can send to your card if you choose to. You get also special discounts. At the point of sale you can ask also for a paper receipt, which is small."

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