Indiana officer tweets about pulling over left-lane driver, goes viral

Sergeant Stephen Wheeles with the Indiana State Police tweeted out about pulling over a left-lane driver that was backing up traffic and quickly went viral (Courtesy: Indiana State Police)

It's a frustration many drivers can relate to: a slower driver staying in the left-hand and backing up traffic. So when an Indiana State Police Officer posted a picture of him pulling over one of those drivers, the internet erupted in cheers.

Sergeant Stephen Wheeles tweeted over the weekend about the traffic violation, saying he pulled over the driver for a left-lane violation on I-65 in southeast Indiana. Wheeles said there were about 20 cars slowed behind her because she wouldn't move over into the right lane.

Many Twitter users asked him to start patrolling in their area, some cheered for him to get a raise, and at least one person said he should get a Nobel Prize for his efforts.

The tweet even got the attention of IndyCar racer Graham Rahal from Central Ohio, who cheered the officer's efforts, calling him a hero.

Perhaps the viral tweet will be a reminder to drivers: If there are cars behind you, get over to the right so they can pass.

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