Futuristic camper van expands to reveal impressive party deck

Credit: Romotow/Cover Images

A caravan concept of the future has been unveiled, and it's perfect for hosting the perfect party-camping holiday with friends.

Dubbed the Romotow, the contemporary luxury travel trailer replaces the standard caravan concept, comprising a central living area that extends outward to create the perfect party deck.

Designed by New Zealand-based architectural and interior design firm W2 back in 2012, the Romotow looks like a normal trailer but at the push of a button transforms into a large and impressive hosting area. Giving it its main point of difference, a living area uniquely extends out from its sheltered exterior, with an ingenious automated swivel, to reveal up to 70% more floor area.

Inside, the cabin can sleep four adults comfortably, two in a rear bedroom and two other people in a front sleeping area created from the living room couch. A customizable kitchen backs up to a spacious bathroom outfitted with high-end fixtures, and the show model will feature teak for all of the interior timber and a leather headboard.

A state-of-the-art sound system is integrated throughout the three living areas - bedroom, living room, and deck - and windows with built-in shades create a comfortable sleeping cave at night.

The deck is lined with synthetic teak normally used on luxury super yachts, and you can cook outside thanks to a fold-down electric barbecue. Up to 1KW of solar panels and a 400Ah battery will power the camper whenever it’s off the grid, and a diesel heating and cooking system provides the comforts of home. A deck enclosure kit with awnings and screens will also be available, meaning that the Romotow could sleep an additional four people on the deck.

Production will be subject to public demand, but models are anticipated to be available in early 2020. Pricing starts at $350,000, but will vary according to custom finishes.

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