Flying taxi could whisk you from New York to Boston in 36 minutes at 405 mph

Credit: Transcend Air/Cover Images

A flying taxi able to fly you at 405 mph was announced Thursday.

The .5M Vy features a tilt-wing, fly-by-wire design that flies three times faster than traditional helicopters and has a range of 450 miles. It is claimed to make the journey form New York to Boston in just 36 minutes.

Boston-based Transcend Air Corporation announced the development of the Vy 400, a six-seat, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, and the proposed launch of a new airline service that will deliver business travelers directly to and from major city centers.

They explain: "The Vy will provide faster, more affordable door-to-door service than either helicopters or conventional airplanes, without the need for airports. Transcend will deliver service right from major city centers, such as Manhattan and downtown Boston, using VTOL-ready landing pads."

Transcend plans to launch commuter airline service in early 2024, and have already announced ticket prices:

NYC-Boston: 83 - 36 minutes

LA-San Francisco: 315 - 55 minutes

Montréal-Toronto: 25 - 60 minutes

Transcend Air Corporation says: "The lightweight, carbon-fiber Vy is the ultimate evolution of a fifty year old proven concept. The modern Vy will come with low operating costs and enhanced safety, by featuring novel advanced avionics and a whole-aircraft parachute that has already been in use for nearly twenty years."

Greg Bruell, co-founder and CEO of Transcend says, “This is a necessary and transformative addition to city-to-city transportation options. It solves multiple problems at once: we’ll take cars off congested roads, reduce pollution around airports, and lower the cost of air transportation while drastically reducing travel times.”

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