Dog accidentally joins half marathon, finishes 7th overall

Ludivine runs 13.1 mile race after being let out to relieve himself (Courtesy: CNN Newssource, April Hamlin)

Elkmont, AL (WHAM) - When someone tells you to run like an animal, you can think of Ludivine.

On January 16, hundreds of runners hit the road for the Elkmont Half Marathon -- The Trackless Train Trek.

According to CNN Newssource, around the time the race started, April Hamlin let her dog out to urinate. However, the dog spotted the runners and decided to run alongside them.

Ludivine, a bloodhound, apparently decided to run the entire 13.1 miles!

According to the race website, the dog finished 7th overall with a time of 1:32:56.

The Internet quickly jumped on the story and started to share it, earning the attention of international media outlets.

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